Moving Tips to Make Moving Day Seamless!

There are many different factors that go into moving. Here are some tips to make it more simple for you!

Sort It Out!

Sort all fo your belongings into different caterogies. This will make dividing your possessions into boxes and labeling them much easier in the end. There are many different ways you can categorize your belongings, such as clothes, books, important papers, personal trinkets, and appliances. Once you have sorted out your belongs you can further categorize them by who they belong to or what room in the house the go. While you are sorting, you can also make a pile of items that you do not want to take with you when you move.


Out With the Old

Why pack more than you need to already? There are many ways to rid of items that you do not want to take with you on your move. Not everything belongs in the trash can right away. If the item is not too damaged, you can donate it.  Even better, if your belonging is good shape, you can sell it! Both of these choices are a great way to get items out of the way as you prepare to move. Once the options are exhausted, then you can throw out what is left over!



Make a Master Plan

From moving deadlines to labeling boxes, make a list of everything! We want to ease the hassle of moving as much as we can the day of, but there is a lot of planning that goes in beforehand. Make a master list to help you keep track of everything.


Think Outside the Box

You can’t move without boxes. There are many different places you can get boxes for little to no money. Hint: it could even be your own house! Liquor stores are always overflowing with boxes because of their constant shipments. Go to you local liquor store if you’re searching for some more boxes. Also, if you kept any of the boxes that your appliances came in, put them right back in that box!


This list of can go on and on, but these are just a few tips that you can take with you as you prepare for your move.